Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Meet the Grandparents

"Grandparents are meant for kisses and hugs, For watching rainbows and catching bugs. For baking all of your favorite things, For books to read and songs to sing."

Larry and Mie

Jim and Anne

With grandparents like these, Quinn will never be bored! Larry and Mie belong to me and live in Gulf Breeze, Florida. They are both retired and avid Harley riders. Jim and Anne belong to Ben and live in Foley, Alabama. Also retired, they are world travelers and can play a mean game of pinochle! With both sets of grandparents on the gulf coast, Quinn will surely be a beach bum and know the Florabama well.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I'm up to four dreams about the baby being a girl! Hhhmmm...

Monday, May 26, 2008

25 Weeks! Baby Mitchell has a name!

Whew! Being 25 weeks preggers is exhausting, but exciting! Give me two more weeks and I'll no longer be able to bend over. Ben is already tying my shoes for me and graciously giving me a push off the sofa when needed.

We finally have an answer to the "How do you like...What about..." name game we've been playing since January- Quinn Saunders Mitchell. Quinn was on our list of both boy and girl names and we just plain like it. Saunders is Ben's maternal grandmother's maiden name (that's a mouth full). We'd have to give birth to 12 more kids to use all the names we love!

On May 19, Quinn attended his first baseball game- Astros vs. Cubs. Maybe he'll be a pro ball player because he kicked and punched me the ENTIRE time we were there. Or maybe he just didn't like the foot long hot dog with extra mustard and sauerkraut I ate! Yum- it was SO good!
While we had amazing seats- 4 row next to the third base line- I was a little nervous about getting hit!

And to top off a great week, our friend Becky (from now on known as Crazy Aunt B) added an extra leg to her Dallas business trip so she could see the big town of Humble! Although there was no night at The Federal or a JK dinner party, we had a great time! She and Ben even put together the bassinet as I napped. We miss you Becky!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A rainbow brightened our day as we fought with the car seat!

Only three months left!

Wait! We're not ready! At least I'm not! In three short months, I will be responsible for another human being. I will have to keep him fed, warm, breathing, comforted, and ensure he sleeps. While I've done this for Baker and Ruby, I am starting to freak out now that I have to do it for a person! If I get tired of dealing with the dogs or if they misbehave, I just tell them to get in their crates- or put them in the backyard (and while their feelings may be hurt, they settle down and end up enjoying it). I can't do that with a baby! Every minute of my life (until the kid goes to school) will be consumed. Surely, others are as concerned as I am! Right?

Ben and I spent the weekend nesting. We refinished a dresser, took a shot at installing the car seat, and worked on the nursery. Our least successful chore was the car seat. As with the crib, I spent most of the time laughing while Ben spent most of the time cussing. Turns out we may have to exchange car seats for a smaller one. That, or we just can't have a front seat passenger. Maybe we just installed it incorrectly. You'd think with the 10 degrees between us (um...I only have 1), we could figure it out. Not so much. Maybe the folks at the Humble Volunteer Fire Department can lend us a hand!

A comment about my hair...thankfully, the above picture is small enough that you really can't tell. BUT...the Texas humidity plays a cruel joke on my hair. If I don't slather product into it and blow dry it right out of the shower, I get a Diana Ross effect. It's scary.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

23 Weeks!

Growing bigger by the day!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Baby Stuff part 2

Baby Mitchell is receiving great welcome gifts!

Two of our most cherished are a blanket and pillow crocheted by Ben's grandmother "Boltie." She made these for us before she passed away 6 years ago.

22 Weeks!

I can't believe I am actually posting this picture- but what the heck! You think swimsuit shopping sucks...try pregnant swimsuit shopping! Check out those tree trunks! I figured I could not make it through the summer in Texas without swimming!

Baby Mitchell is apparently starting his athletic workout early in hopes of a scholarship....which is good because Ben already has him playing football at Auburn AND basketball at Duke! The boy can kick and jump like it's his job!
I'm fully recovered from the fall. Thanks to everyone checking in on me! Nothing new to report. I go back to the doctor on May 24. Any bets on the giant baby's size?