Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Two Year Check-Up

This was the first time Quinn got to stand on the
scale and not sit in the baby scale!

Quinn Turns 2

The Buzz Lightyear birthday party was a huge success! Thankfully, Quinn took a long nap before the party. As he slept, I put the finishing touches on the party snacks and decorated the kitchen. When Ben brought Quinn down after his nap, his face lit up as he said, "And Beyond!" once he saw the Buzz balloons, banner, and table setting! The guest list included our favorite neighbors The Wojtalewiczs and The Halls along with some new friends The Wilsons. And Mawmaw & Gaga drove all the way from Alabama for basically one day! Quinn was so excited to have his friends and grandparents all in one place to share yummy cake, a tasty crab dip (if I say so myself), and green & blue m&ms featuring the birthday boy himself! But we sure did miss all our family and friends that couldn't be with us!

Livi and Emory (who Q calls "Emmy"), Quinn's cousins from Daphne, drew these great birthday pictures for Quinn. And they left the sweetest voicemail singing Happy Birthday to Quinn. And speaking of that song, Quinn was singing it ALL day long...as he went to bed...even the next day.
Connie, who Quinn affectionately calls "Yellow," sent this sweet drawing. We interpreted this masterpiece to be of her and Quinn playing in the sun together.

And I can't forget "Shout Outs" for Mawmaw who helped decorate and redecorate Buzz cookies, Allyson who took some great photos, Christa and RJ who drove four hours home from vacation straight to the party, Gaga who carried the cake, and my sweet husband, Ben, for putting up with my craziness during the party planning! I can't imagine what I'll be like when we start having parties with animals, performers, bands, costumes, etc!

Singing The Birthday Song while hopped up on sugar!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

If Only

Today, we felt a hint of Fall- at least until 10:30am. No humidity and a swift breeze allowed Quinn and I to ride our bike to the park and play (if only for an hour)! Within minutes, he made three new friends- Chloe, Bella, and Matty. He just walked right up to them and said, "Hey" and threw his hand up in the air..what Ben and I call "The Jimmy Mitchell."

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In Three Days...


For the first time in our 10 year marriage, Ben and I have extended cable with a gazillion channels AND dvr! Wow! What an invention! Anyway, the point of my side track is that we also have more than the Disney Channel and PBS for Quinn. We have Sprout! Home of The Wiggles. Yesterday was our very first Wiggles experience. And Quinn seemed to enjoy them. Apparently, the Blue Wiggle made pasta for the rest of the Wiggles. And, somehow, their nemesis, the Pirate, knew this. So, he rang the front doorbell to lure all the Wiggles away from the pasta. Then, he slipped in the back door and ate the pasta from each of their bowls. When the Wiggles saw that no one was at the front door, they returned to empty bowls in the kitchen. They discussed the mystery, refilled their bowls, and followed the same scenario two more times- until they figured it out and caught that dastardly Pirate.
Today, Quinn and I were watching Sprout when a Wiggles commercial started. And as quick as, heck-I don't know-a fox, Quinn said, "Pasta! Pasta, Mama."
How's that for retention?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Play Day

Quinn met Abby and Audrey at the indoor playground nirvana today. Even with how awesome the playground is, playing in the water fountain seemed to be their favorite part.

Then we made them sit on the bench for a photo and got this...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Check out this video from church. I just stumbled upon it when I was looking for a VBS video. If you look very closely during the "Nursery" segment, you'll see a baby Quinn on his VERY FIRST day of church. While this video was being taken, I was in worship bawling my eyes out because it was the first time I had ever left Quinn with someone else!

Vacation Bible School

Quinn attended his first vacation bible school last week! Each day brought a different bible story and a ton of arts and crafts! He learned about David and Goliath, The Prodigal's Son, and The Good Samaritan. The week ended with Quinn attending "big church" with us and seeing the super hero show. He loved the lights, lasers, dancing, and singing! He even danced in the isles like a good Southern Baptist! Here's a little sample of the shows we saw each day!