Saturday, July 24, 2010

At the Car Wash...

Quinn now has two chores: checking the mail and washing the cars!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Moon Walk

Look who's having a great time walking on the moon (aka playing in balloons)! Ms. Tracy said Quinn wouldn't hold the balloons, but he jumped up and down, squealed, and laughed hysterically the entire time!

Monday, July 19, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond!

Quinn is enjoying his time at summer school and learning about outer space and planet Earth. Last week they made the Earth's crusts and then ate it (i.e. crushed up oreos, pudding, and gummy worms). Ms. Tracy asked me if Q ever had pudding. I told her no, maybe a bite or two of banana pudding from Jason's Deli, but that was it. She laughed and said, "That's what I thought! Kids who haven't had pudding or cookies usually go wild with this project." Apparently, she gave Quinn his "layers" and before she could instruct the class on what to do, he had the pudding from ear to ear and head to chin! She said they pretty much bathed him, but when I picked him up, he still had traces of pudding everywhere! That's just how much pudding the kid "used" for his creation!
Only two weeks left! I need to start thinking of fun things to entertain Q after summer fun like this!Look at the astronauts. Quinn's photo looks more like a mugshot.

Quinn's Earth

Quinn's Sun

Exploring ice.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Zing Zang Zoom

Quinn attended his first circus this weekend. And let me tell you, the circus ain't what it used to be! I remember the circus being full of animals doing tricks, a ton of acrobats, the trapeze, and clowns that were funny. This circus- not so much. It was more like an off-Broadway show with lots of singing- read piped in recorded songs- and cheesy choreography. There was a brief elephant show that Quinn went berserk over! He waved, he yelled, he screeched, he threw up his "elephant trunk," and nearly jumped out of his seat while the elephants performed. The tiger show was pretty neat, too. But Quinn was unimpressed. There was a brief horse (4 horses) act and a dog act. And that was it for the animals. The rest was a snooze fest. Oh, wait. We did get to see two people shoot out of a canon. That was cool. But if you ask Quinn about the circus, he'll just tell you (or show you with his arm aka trunk) about the elephants.
Saying "Cheese"

Watching the elephants

He went straight for the elephants. But for $18, we had to pass!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Austin...For a Day

We took a road trip to Austin for the holiday weekend. Figuring that it's only three hours away, surely it would be an easy two-night, three-day trip. So NOT the case. We left Saturday morning hoping that Quinn would nap in the car. Nope. Then we checked into the hotel hoping Quinn would nap in the pak n' play. Nope. Not only nope, but he CLIMBED out of it! There goes the pak n' play. Dang. So we got up and decided to start our adventure. Austin has a great feel. To me, it felt like Auburn in a bigger city. And the hills, trees, and overall greenery are such a nice change from ugly old Houston! We visited the LBJ Presidential Library; which was AWESOME! I hope Quinn loves history as much as I do!

Ben took great care of Quinn while I snapped photos throughout the library- many of which didn't come out since no flash was allowed. Quinn without a nap is like Dennis the Menace on a sugar high. Next we walked around the UT football stadium. It's nice and all, but Jordan-Hare still rules!
We also enjoyed a little nature-time in the middle of the city. Quinn was quick to take off his hat and throw it in the stream. Lovely.

Without boring you with the rest of the details, here's a quick recap: Stubb's BBQ, UT Bell Tower, dinner with our old friend, David Knowles,
Amy's Ice Cream (and our first family photo booth session), and a drive down 6th Street. Back at the hotel, Quinn freaked out about being in a hotel room. And did not go to sleep. Until midnight. Then woke up at 2am. And did not go to sleep. Until 4am. The only way we got him to sleep was turn on Toy Story on the laptop....until he couldn't hold his eyes open any longer. We got up twice to drive home, but decided to just come back in the morning. Both Ben and I were furious, exhausted, frustrated, and disappointed. This trip ruined my lofty plans of taking weekend trips across Texas. Or anywhere for that matter. In closing, we spent ONE day in Austin. But after the awful night we had, we left on a high note by visiting Sweetish Hill Cafe and Bakery for breakfast.

Oh, and as soon as we got home, Quinn went sleep. So no Fourth of July celebration for us. There's always next year!