Monday, June 23, 2008

What a Difference!

13 weeks vs. 29 weeks

So I saw Dr. Anding on Friday and got a small slap on the hand- for gaining weight too quickly! What? He told me to gain more weight at EVERY visit since January! This particular time, I gained 6 pounds in 3 weeks and he said to slow down. I guess I'm suppose to have some kind of control over it? :)
My appointments are now moving to every two weeks. Only 75 days to go! Thank goodness, because Quinn is kicking and moving so much that my insides hurt! We can now actually see him roll around in my stomach! Kind of freaky!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quinn's Auburn Party on 06.07.08

Doug, Holly, and Connie hosted a terrific party for Quinn in Auburn last weekend! It was a packed house with friends we haven't seen in almost two years (some even longer than that)! Ben and I flew into Atlanta Friday afternoon and then had a nice dinner with family after driving to Auburn. Saturday morning we drove around town and couldn't believe how much it's changed! Then we squeezed in a quick lunch at Amsterdam Cafe (the spot of our first date and where we ate the night we got engaged) and did some shopping for Auburn gear before the shower started- it was nice to see something other than Longhorn and Aggie junk!

Holly prepared a yummy Mexican buffet with margaritas- I had ginger ale. Many thanks to those that drove from the Birmingham, Atlanta, and Mobile areas! I miss you all so much! All the hugs and catching up made my summer!

Catching up with friends

Doug & Holly ------------------ The Nelson Family

Someone must have mentioned cheeseburgers!

The Old Hotel Gang -----------------Terrie & Todd

The Loot -------------- It's not a party without a Diaper Genie!

The nieces and nephew -------------Jason & Michelle

Hand made quilt from ------------The Mitchell Family
Larry & Mie

Mom & Dad to be

Me & Connie cakes

Me & Diann Ford -------------------Ben & Cindy

Me & Jimmy Steely ------------- Quinn's new clothes

Quinn's Great Aunt Susan ------- Me & Michelle- we missed
the rest of the sorority gang!

26 Weeks!

I wonder how long it will take before the polka dots start stretching and become misshaped?