Saturday, August 9, 2008

Quinn's Houston Party

Today we attended Quinn's final party! Ben's "team" at the firm showered us with great gifts and a good time! Funny side story...

The couple that co-hosted the party, Darryl and Christie, hosted another Fulbright Baby shower back in December for Carlos & Nikki - and Ben & I attended. A few weeks later, we found out about Quinn!

So bets are now on as to which couple in attendance today is next! Annie & Leon? Darryl & Christie? Or maybe Carlos & Nikki again? We can't rule out Mary Beth, the other co-host! And just because Aaron will soon be newly wed doesn't mean he's out (although a baby seat doesn't fit in a Porsche to well).

So that's it for the parties, classes, and hoopla. Now all that's left to do is WAIT...

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